1.5 million PLN for the LIDER from WEiA | Faculty of Electrical and Control Engineering at the Gdańsk University of Technology

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Date added: 2022-12-11

1.5 million PLN for the LIDER from WEiA

LIDER infographic
Ph.D. Eng. Roland Rynzionek from the Faculty of Electrical and Control Engineering has been awarded in the LEADER competition of the National Center for Research and Development.

In the thirteenth edition of the LIDER program, a project in the field of wind energy received funding.

– Smaller dimensions, lower costs and higher reliability – Ph.D. Eng. Roland Ryndzionek acquired 1,494,312.50 PLN for the design and implementation of the construction of a high-efficiency wind turbine based on a low-speed gearless, multi-phase, double-sided induction generator.

- The aim of the project is to develop a new construction of a low-speed, brushless induction generator, double-powered and a dedicated control system - says Ph.D. Eng. Roland Ryndzionek. – The project is part of the theme of modern brushless electric generators, especially generators without permanent magnets, which are used, for example, in wind farms.

As part of the project, a five-phase generator prototype will be built and laboratory and synthetic tests will be carried out.

- The prototype will use a five-phase control winding, which is a completely original and new solution - emphasizes the research manager. – The elimination of brushes and slip rings will reduce the geometric dimensions and lower the costs of maintenance and service of the system. In contrast, the five-phase version will significantly improve the reliability of the generator.

The LIDER program is aimed at expanding the competences of young scientists in independent planning of research work and managing their own research team during the implementation of projects whose results can be used in practice and have the potential for implementation. The maximum amount of project co-financing is 1.5 million PLN.