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Student Services Office


The Student Services Office is an administration unit of the Faculty of Electrical and Control Engineering responsible for carrying out organizational matters related to the course of studies. The unit provides support for the didactic process, including support for students and graduates of the Faculty. The Student Services Office also handles office matters falling within the competences of the Vice-Dean for Education and the Vice-Dean for Organization of Studies.


The work of the Student Services Office is managed by the office head Mirosława Kamonciak, MA.

Mirosława Kamonciak, MA - contact

office head

  • student internships
  • lesson plans
  • health insurance
  • students with disabilities 
  • transfer of students from other universities/faculties
  • certificates for retirement purposes

Beata Wysocka-Kucharuk, MA - contact

Full-time studies:

  • undergraduate and graduate studies, automation, robotics and control systems
  • undergraduate studies (I year), energy technologies
  • incoming students under the Erasmus+ program
Justyna Szczepańska, MA - contact
Full-time studies:
  • undergraduate and graduate studies, electrical engineering
  • undergraduate studies (II, III, IV years), energy technologies
  • graduate studies, energy technologies
Magdalena Oller, MA - contact
  • udergraduate and graduate part-time studies
  • planning diploma exams
  • room reservation
Kamila Senger-Kaczorowska, MA - longterm absence

Opening hours

Monday - closed

Tuesday-Wednesday 8:00-11:00

Thursday-Friday 13:00-15:00

An appointment at the Dean's Office must be made via the appointment booking system :