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  • 2022-12-11

    Hydrogen VENTUS at WEiA

    We are pleased to inform you that one of the projects that received funding in the first edition of the VENTUS-HYDROGENII-REDIVIVUS program in the field of HYDROGENIA is a project submitted by the Faculty of Electrical and Control Engineering. Project manager of the H2 Tech LAB - Laboratory of Hydrogen Technologies. Gdańsk Tech Hydrogen-based Energy Storage Testbed (Gdańsk Tech HEST) (PL),...

  • 2022-12-11

    1.5 million PLN for the LIDER from WEiA

    Ph.D. Eng. Roland Rynzionek from the Faculty of Electrical and Control Engineering has been awarded in the LEADER competition of the National Center for Research and Development. In the thirteenth edition of the LIDER program, a project in the field of wind energy received funding. – Smaller dimensions, lower costs and higher reliability – Ph.D. Eng. Roland Ryndzionek acquired...

  • 2022-12-11

    Beanus Day at WEiA

    On October 25, 2022, the Beanus Day celebration was held at the Faculty of Electrical and Control Engineering. Invited guests, faculty employees and students listened to the speeches of the Dean of the Faculty, Vice-Dean for Education, President of the Faculty Student Council and Vice-Rector for Internationalization and Innovation. The dean of the faculty thanked the retiring employees - D.Sc....

  • 2022-12-11

    Polish Metrology program at WEiA!

    As part of the Polish Metrology program, a consortium whose partner is the Faculty of Electrical and Control Engineering of the Gdańsk University of Technology, represented by the Department of Metrology and Information Systems, received funding for the project: "Methodology for assessing the suitability of selected restrictor flowmeters for two-phase liquid-gas measurements". The Leader of...

  • 2022-12-04

    Finalists of the competition of the Gdańsk Branch of PTETiS for the best diploma theses

    The Gdańsk Branch of the Polish Society of Theoretical and Applied Electrical Engineering announced in 2022 a competition for the best 1st and 2nd degree diploma thesis in the fields of electrical engineering, electronics, telecommunications, automatics and robotics, mechatronics and computer science, defended in the academic year 2021/2022 at universities in the area of operation of OG PTETiS...

  • 2022-12-04

    Gdańsk Electricity Days November 8-9, 2022

    On November 8 and 9, Gdańsk Electricity Days (GDE) were held, which were organized by SEP Gdańsk Branch and SEP Student Association of Gdańsk University of Technology. As part of the event, an electricity conference and industry fairs were held, during which participants could obtain information about the subject of activity of a selected company and learn about technologies and solutions...

  • 2022-11-13

    WEiA expert: "We are not in danger of another Fukushima"

    After the announcement of the decision to build nuclear power plants in Poland, the voices of opposition of this form of energy production returned. An expert of the Gdańsk University of Technology in the field of nuclear energy, however, convinces and reassures that the reactors that would be installed in a power plant in Pomerania are the highest world class in terms of safety...

  • 2022-11-13

    Student Activity Competition Golden Lions 2022

    On November 5, 2022, the Student Activity Competition - Golden Lions 2022 took place. For the seventh time, SSPG awarded the most active Faculty Student Councils operating at the Gdańsk University of Technology. The prizes were awarded in the following categories: personality, research project, integration project, sport, student development project, student organization, student scientist,...