Gdańsk University of Technology, Auditorium in the Main Building, June 25th to 27th, 2024.

The International Symposium on Electric Machines SME 2024 is the 56th meeting of scientists, designers, constructors, and users interested in problems related to broadly understood electrical machines, transformers, and electromechanical energy conversion.

The SME 2024 Symposium will cover the following thematic areas:

  • Theory, modeling, and simulation.
  • New designs of electric machines.
  • Design and optimization.
  • Materials and manufacturing.
  • Measurements, diagnostics, and monitoring.
  • Special machines - piezoelectric and others.
  • Mechatronic systems.
  • Transformers, electromagnets, and induction chokes.
  • Thermal and vibroacoustic phenomena.
  • Electric machines in drive systems.
  • Electric machines and transformers in electric power generation systems.
  • Electromobility, hydrogen technologies, energy storage.
  • Teaching of electric machines.
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