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Research and construction works

inżynierowie przy stanowisku badawczym

The Faculty of Electrical and Control Engineering at the Gdańsk University of Technology in the field of research, design and construction offers:

  • Research on the optimization of the design of special electrical machines
  • Research of quick overcurrent protections
  • Study of coupled fields, especially electromagnetic and thermal fields in quasi-static and dynamic conditions
  • Study of impact coupled fields (magnetohydrodynamics) and phenomena occurring during explosion and implosion of cables
  • Construction of magnetometric systems for measuring the magnetic field and detecting ferromagnetic objects
  • Ready-to-implement technologies and components for power electronics and drive systems developed as part of science-funded projects
  • Electromagnetic compatibility of traction devices and their impact on the environment
  • Comprehensive analysis and visualization of all kinds of structural vibrations on a high-class vibration measurement station
  • Computer control consoles
  • Design and construction of technical diagnostics devices for overhead contact line and vehicles
  • Modeling and analysis of complex electrical circuits using PSpice, ATP, MathCad, Flux and Atila packages
  • Modeling and simulation tests of electrical machines
  • Modeling and simulation tests of drive and power electronics systems
  • Modeling and testing of weak magnetic fields (ships, mines) using the FLUX2D, FLUX3D, OPERA3D packages
  • Electric drives with microprocessor controlled synchronous motors
  • Traction drives with permanent magnet motors and digital control
  • Nonlinear control systems of electric machines and power electronic converters
  • Development of models, methods and algorithms for connecting synchronous power objects for parallel operation
  • Energy optimization of electric urban transport systems
  • Research and development works related to diagnostics of power electronic and electromechanical systems in real time
  • Research and R&D works related to the control of power electronic and drive systems
  • Precise control of transistors of power electronic converters
  • Design and implementation of industrial measurement and control systems
  • Design and implementation of specialized measurement and diagnostic systems
  • Designing printed circuits
  • Designing industrial automation systems with control based on programmable controllers or microcontrollers
  • Designing power electronic systems and constructing prototypes
  • Designing control systems with signal processors and programmable logic circuits
  • Designing Xilinx FPGA circuits
  • Computer simulation of phenomena occurring in short-circuit systems
  • Technical diagnostics systems for railway and tram current collectors
  • Technical diagnostics systems of traction contact networks - railway, tram, trolleybus
  • Control systems technology based on 3rd generation SHARC signal processors from Analog Devices and DSP SH363 cards implemented in production
  • Visualizations and animations of electrical and mechanical devices and systems

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