Atypical application of the parametric method for track infrastructure inventory

For many years, satellite systems have seen widespread use in a variety of technical applications, as well as in operations related to setting-out and the exploitation of track infrastructure. Their main applications include an inventory of the trackage course and detecting changes in its position. In both of these tasks, the most important element that determines the quality of an analyses is the high accuracy of the determinations being carried out. Satellite surveying techniques are not always sufficiently accurate, and in such cases, it is necessary to employ other land surveying methods to process surveying data. This article presents the authors’ considerations with regards to the possibility of applying one of the most common land surveying adjustment methods, the parametric method, to operations related to an inventory of tram infrastructure in Gdańsk. The results are based on surveys carried out during a surveying campaign in the autumn of 2018. The considerations presented in the article concern a small part of the research conducted under project No. POIR.04.01.01-00-0017/17 entitled “Development of an innovative method for determining the precise trajectory of a railborne vehicle” which is being implemented by a consortium of Gdansk University of Technology and Gdynia Maritime University.

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