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The improvement of the gate driver for GaN transistor is presented in this paper. The proposed topology contains the overcurrent protectionwith the two-stage turning off and independent control of turn on and off time of the GaN transistor. The operation of driver and its application in thehalf-bridge converter are described using both simulation and prototype measurements. The overcurrent protection was tested in Double Pulse Test(DPT) conditions.
Paweł Derkacz,
Piotr Musznicki
This paper presents primary-side voltage regulated multi-transformer quasi-resonant flyback converter (MTFC) for supplying isolated power switch drivers. The proposed topology offers distinct advantages over frequently used flyback converter possessing one high frequency transformer with isolated multiple outputs. Particularly, when a large number of separate dc supply units is required, then MTFC enables improved regular distribution of magnetic coupling between the common primary and the multiple secondary transformers' windings providing high degree of galvanic and electromagnetic isolation between multiple outputs. Primary side voltage regulation is based on the average value of output voltages estimation using auxilliary RDC circuit mounted across the primary windings. Operation principles of MTFC are enhanced with analytical study of cross regulation of multiple output voltages at unbalanced load conditions, indicating reduced voltage deviation of multiple outputs by applying the primary-side average voltage regulation. Experimental results of prototype 2, 3, and 6-transformer quasi-resonant flyback converters confirmed their cross regulation quality and application potential for independent multiple output supplies.
Maciej Kolincio,
Piotr Chrzan,
Piotr Musznicki
In this survey paper, resonant and quasiresonant DC link inverters are reexamined for AC motor drive applications. Critical evaluation of representative topologies is based on simulation and waveform analysis to characterize current/voltage stress of components, control timing constraints and feasibility. A special concern over inverter common-mode voltage and voltage gradient du/dt limitation capacity is discussed for motor bearing and winding insulation safety. Experimental records of the laboratory developed parallel quasiresonant DC link inverter feeding induction motor confirm results of analysis. Comparative tables and simulation results demonstrate characteristic features of various schemes.
Marek Turzyński,
Piotr Chrzan
This work presents the design, modeling and tests of the prototype multicell piezoelectric motor (MPM). A new concept of the electromechanical structure of the considered prototype is based on three rotating-mode actuators. The electromechanical structure of each actuator has been considered as an independent one - referred to as a ”single cell” (single actuator). Combined three resonant actuators generate three traveling waves which as a result improve the stability and performance of the MPM. The results of research carried out using analytical, simulation and experimental methods cover the torque vs. speed characteristics of the prototype MPM.
Roland Ryndzionek
The article deals with the design of a hybrid storage consisting of Aqueous Hybrid Ion battery (AHI) and supercapacitor (SC) modules. The selection of components is based on the knowledge of the load profile of the storage and the AHI battery and supercapacitor models. The paper presents the method of selecting components of the storage made of AHI batteries and supercapacitor modules The article includes an example of the hybrid storage design intended for the supply of household electric appliances.
Monika Liedke,
Łowiec Eugeniusz,
Wojciech Matelski,
Leszek Wolski,
Ryszard Strzelecki
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