Energy Technologies, full-time undergraduate studies

Program description

The programme of the studies allows the students to obtain the detailed theoretical knowledge as well as the practical expertise of different aspects related to Power Engineering, Energy Technologies and Energy Conservation, taking into account design, production, exploitation, diagnostics and maintenance of power and heat plants, power transmission systems and energy distribution installations. The programme is based on the CDIO (Conceive - Design - Implement - Operate) concept emphasizing design issues.

Entry requirements

Completion of high school (12 or more years of education since primary school). Fundamental knowledge of mathematics and physics. 

EU students: 85 PLN entrance fee (free studies)

Non-EU students: 20 EUR entrance fee (studies 4200 EUR/year)

Career opportunities

Graduates are able to develop their professional careers in power, heat and combined plants, energy corporations and power distribution companies, manufacturing companies that produce energy facilities like as propulsion systems, as well as in electrical and power sections of various enterprises, especially companies that provide and implement innovative, environmentally friendly energy technologies including renewable energies. They are also prepared to start their own business in the related field. 


Download the Study Structure.