Innovative cooling system of battery banks for electric vehicles tested in the LINTE^2 Laboratory

Tests of a high-performance battery cooling system for electric vehicles, designed and developed by three graduates of the Gdańsk University of Technology as part of the e-Pioneer project were conducted in the LINTE^2 Laboratory.

For the tests, the laboratory infrastructure was used to charge and discharge the batteries of lithium-ion batteries with a current of up to 100A. The testing system ensured that defined characteristics of the charging and discharging current of the accumulator batteries were set, with the possibility of dynamic change of the value and direction of current flow, as well as the possibility of measurements and acquisition of electrical quantities.

The aim of the research, conducted by Mariusz Smentoch, Karol Gryń and Maciej Raczkowski in cooperation with Excento and Gdynia Trolleybus Communication Company, was to conduct comprehensive analyses of battery heating at very fast charging. 

Research and development works are aimed at developing a temperature management system for electric vehicle batteries, which will allow to maintain optimal battery temperature even in extreme situations, e.g. during very fast charging or very dynamic driving. Thanks to this, it will be possible to significantly shorten the time of charging the batteries and extend their life, while recovering part of the waste heat for heating vehicles.

The designer and contractor of the research system and the coordinator of the tests carried out on behalf of the Faculty of Electrical and Control Engineering was Ph.D. Eng. Artur Cichowski, from the Department of Power Electronics and Electrical Machines.