Defense of doctoral dissertations in the field of power engineering in the LINTE^2 Laboratory

On the 29th of May 2020, the Faculty of Electrical and Control Engineering held public defenses of two doctoral dissertations carried out at the Department of Electrical Power Engineering. The defense was carried out at the LINTE^2 Laboratory, with the remote participation of some members of the doctoral dissertation commission and the audience.

The first defense concerned the dissertation Controlling the operation of the power grid using electrochemical energy storage, which was prepared by M.Sc. Eng. Agata Szultka, while the second defense was related to the thesis Verification of acceptance requirements for voltage control systems of synchronous generators, prepared by M.Sc. Eng. Michał Izdebski.

Part of the research within the doctoral dissertation M.Sc. Eng. Michał Izdebski from the Gdańsk Institute of Power Engineering was made in the LINTE^2 Laboratory. The functional model TG1 with the control algorithm modified by the author of the work was used to test the model of the physical voltage regulation system during excitation of the generator. The modification included the development of a "soft" start procedure, linearization of the thyristor rectifier characteristics and the addition of the PSS (Power System Stabilizer) analog signal input.

The promoter and assistant promoter in both doctoral dissertations, which were opened in 2017, were prof. D.Sc. Eng. Zbigniew Lubośny and Ph.D. Eng. Robert Małkowski.

Summary reports and reviews of doctoral dissertations can be downloaded here:

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