Department overview

The Department conducts research into various measurement techniques of electrical and non-electrical values aimed at development of innovative solutions and design of instruments and measurement systems.

The research activities of the Department also include diagnostic methods for electric motors and superconducting magnets. Special emphasis is put on the issue of testing the possible use of virtual instruments and different methods of measurement data transmission either in the research or industrial environments.

A relatively new subject of interest is the modeling of graphene-based field effect transistors for possible sensor applications. 

Research areas
Sample projects
Sample publications

The primary research activities of the Department are carried out in the following areas:

  • Diagnostics of electric motors and superconducting magnets
  • Short-circuit impedance measuring methods
  • Design of current transformers
  • Applications of frequency-modulated pulse signals
  • Smart electricity metering
  • Measurements for medical diagnostics
  • Evaluation of measurement uncertainty
  • Application of graphene for electronic sensing

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