Department overview

The main scientific and technological contributions of the department include: new concepts in the control of voltage-source inverters (self-tuning dead-time modulation method, pulse-width modulation of multilevel inverters based on the application of shape functions), original contributions in the area of diagnostics of voltage-source inverters and traction transformers, a unique method for experimental modeling of acoustic noise produced by AC machines, simulation models of brushless synchronous generators for the analysis of onboard power systems of More Electric Aircraft, new-concept piezoelectric actuators and sensors, proprietary power electronic simulation package TCad.

Research areas
Sample projects
Sample publications

The primary research activities of the Department are carried out in the following areas:

  • Modeling and design of power electronic converters
  • Control and diagnostics of power electronic converters
  • Electromagnetic compatibility of power electronic converters
  • Power quality
  • Modeling, design and diagnostics of electrical machines and transformers
  • Design of piezoelectric machines, sensors and actuators
  • CAD and CAE techniques for electromechanical systems

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