Department overview

The Department conducts research pertaining to power systems, power plants and energy economics. It cooperates with the national power grid operator and operators of distribution systems, which usually leads to practical applications of research results.
For more than twenty years the Department has been the organizer of a major national conference on power engineering called Advances in Power Engineering (APE).  The activities of the Department are carried out by the following two research teams:

- Power Systems Team

- Power Plants and Energy Economics Team

Research areas
Sample projects
Sample publications

The primary research activities of the Department are carried out in the following areas:

  • Power system security and safety
  • Power system stability and control
  • Comprehensive modeling of power systems, including detailed modeling of individual elements
  • FACTS devices and HVDC systems operation in power systems
  • Renewable sources of energy in power systems
  • Electrical installations and devices
  • Optimization of the structure and parameters of the power system supplying power to large agglomerations to meet the requirements of the electricity market
  • Methods and models for integrated simulation-and-optimization based E3 (energy, economy, environment) analyses using ETSAP MARKAL (MARKet ALlocation) model for long-term energy system planning on national and local scale
  • Nuclear reactors for cogeneration of electricity and heat

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