Department overview

The principal scientific and technological contributions of the Department include: original control methods of AC machines based on multiscalar machine models and nonlinear feedback; advanced speed observers for sensor less control of AC machines; original diagnostic methods of electrical machines and torque transmission systems; new concepts of power electronic converters, notably based on SiC devices; original control algorithms for grid connected power converters; analyses of inverters with output filters and novel control algorithms of such inverters; development of control principles for electric drives with multiphase machines.

Research areas
Sample projects
Sample publications

The primary research activities of the Department are carried out in the following areas:

  • Nonlinear control of electrical machines
  • Sensorless control of electrical drives
  • Control of power converters, including medium voltage grid-connected power converters
  • Control diagnostics of renewable energy sources
  • Development of hardware and software for the control of power converters and electric drives
  • Remote control of electrical drives over the Internet
  • Control of multiphase machines (e.g. 5-phase induction motors)

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