Department overview

The research carried out at the Department includes a variety of issues in control engineering and related areas. It focuses on analysis methods, modeling and design, monitoring and diagnostics, optimization methods, decision support systems and more. The research is oriented inter alia on practical applications in the following sectors of industry: petroleum industry, shipbuilding industry, marine transport, power systems, and insurance business. The activities of the Department are carried out by three research teams, that is:

- Network Technology and Safety Engineering Team

- Industrial Automatic Control Engineering Team

- Information Technology Team.

Research areas
Sample projects
Sample publications

The primary research activities of the Department are carried out in the following areas:

  • Automation and control of industrial processes
  • Nonlinear control systems, building automation
  • Evolutionary path planning methods
  • Diagnostics, reliability and safety of industrial and critical infrastructure systems
  • Functional safety and security of control systems
  • Human factors and human reliability analysis
  • Security of industrial computer systems and networks
  • Control of autonomous vessels and marine objects
  • Automation of marine power systems

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